Industry and citizens in Colorado are holding their breath for major changes that will be happening in our state in the upcoming months. The Denver metro region is a non-attainment area for ozone. This means that our air quality is worse than the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Ozone. Ozone precursors are VOC and NOx. Currently Sources that emit over 100 tons per year of VOC and NOx need to have Title V permits. However, this will soon change. The change is expected in the second half of 2019 or early 2020. Current sources that have air permits with VOC or NOx emissions between 50 and 100 tons per year are going to have to either limit their emissions to less than 50 tons per year or apply for a Title V permit within 1 year of the serious designation. If a source intends to submit a synthetic minor permit, which would limit their emissions to less than 50 tons per year, then the permit needs to be ISSUED by the Air Pollution Control Division within the 12-month period after the change to avoid Title V permit application requirements. In some cases, the revised permit will need to be issued before July 1, 2020 to avoid additional RACT analysis. Often permits take several months to be issued by the Air Pollution Control Division, so applications for synthetic minor permits need to be submitted in the upcoming months.

Colorado also passed Senate Bill 181 which calls for a reorganization of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and to prioritize their mission on the protection of Public Safety, Health and Welfare, the Environment, while also requiring additional regulation from the Air Quality Control Commission for the oil and gas sector and transmission sector. These changes will likely take years to complete.

Additional legislation was passed including HB 19-1261 which calls for a Climate Action Plan to Reduce Pollution and SB19-96 which aims to Collect Long-Term Climate Change Data. This legislation also establishes sweeping air emissions and environmental rulemakings and changes in the coming years and decades.

At Applewood Environmental, our mission is to stay on top of these regulatory changes and guide our clients through them to remain in compliance and also give their businesses the ability to grow. Call or email us to see how Applewood can help guide your company through these changes: 303-981-0607 or

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