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Clearing the path Toward Air Quality compliance
so that you can run your business.

Applewood Environmental Consulting, located in Lakewood Colorado, is an environmental consulting business focusing on air permitting and regulatory compliance for manufacturing and electricity generation and transmission throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

Air PerMIT Compliance

Our people and partners know how to keep your business in compliance with air permits and regulations.  We focus on making the process as easy as possible for our clients.  

exceptional service

Applewood keeps your project front and center.  Each day we do what we can to move projects forward no matter the timing or hurdles. 

creative solutions

The regulatory landscape is always changing.  Applewood Environmental follows regulation changes and can tailor solutions for your business. 

deliver results

Are you up against a tight deadline?  Applewood has partners, both large and small, that can complement our work! 

Have questions? Send us a message.