Environmental Justice Requirements in Colorado

The Air Pollution Control Division of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment recently added new requirements for sources to submit Environmental Justice reports for permit applications and renewals.  The new requirements include running reports from their new Environmental Justice Tool and reviewing those reports for areas where additional community outreach and pollution mitigation may need to be done.   Facilities must also include a map of their source with the boundary outlined and a one-mile radius around the facility indicated.  If your facility is looking for some help with their new environmental justice requirements, Applewood can assist.

If your facility is not in need of permit modifications or renewals, it may still be helpful to understand what kind of community engagement and pollution mitigation may be required for future projects.  Applewood has prepared Environmental Justice reports for facilities to review internally, which can help prepare for what may need to be included in air permit projects in the future.   Please reach out if your facility needs help.  

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