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Smaller Sources and Potential to Emit

With major source limits in the Denver metro area non-attainment area lowering to 25 tons per year of NOx or VOC in early 2022, many sources that have previously considered themselves to be small may be bumping into major source limits and the permitting requirements applicable to major sources.  The 25 tons per year emission level is based on a facility’s Potential to Emit (PTE).  A PTE inventory shows the maximum amount of emissions that COULD come from your facility if it were running at maximum capacity all the time, even if your facility would never run consistently at that level.

Does your facility have a Potential to Emit (PTE) Inventory?  If you have some sources that are controlled, you may or may not be able to count that control in your PTE Inventory, depending on your permits.  Maybe your facility only has a few sources that require a permit and the emissions from those sources added together are less than 25 tpy of NOx or VOC, but did you include your insignificant sources, such as gas-fired heaters, fire pumps, emergency generators, and small fuel tanks, in your PTE?  If you would like to discuss your facility’s PTE inventory, Applewood can help!

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